Situated above a prominent Yarra bend on a site steeped in history having once held the home of Harold Holt, this 1990s penthouse has been completely reimagined to pay homage to its remarkable position and views.

What once was a sequence of smaller closed off spaces, the existing layout has been reconfigured as an open plan living domain to fully capture the remarkable Yarra River views and northern aspect. Complemented with superlative detailing, exquisite materiality and a richly layered palette.

The interior architecture celebrates the curves of the original structure with clean orthogonal joinery geometries and a boldness of form. A monochrome palette of tonal grey and white is juxtaposed against the dark timber joinery creating a varying perception of the light streaming into the main living domain.

Referencing the gentle curves of the Yarra below, the limestone entrance lobby takes you on a curved journey up a sculpted spiral staircase. With each step around the staircase a rarefied view of the treetops and river below unfolds creating an immediate sense of calm and harmony.

Upon reaching the upper level, scale becomes increasingly significant, and with extensive northern glazing towards the Yarra, light takes on additional meaning. Layers of carefully selected furnishings and oak timber flooring heighten the sense of calm and connection to nature.

The sequence of gentle curves takes you on a journey of spatial experiences following the bend in the Yarra River below and is curated to absorb the contrasting views of nature and light. The enduring sense of luxury in this home is enhanced by the perpetually evolving connection to nature.

Architecture & Interior Design


Project Manager



Jeremy Wright



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